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“Dexter is one of the most talented commercial business development professionals I’ve ever worked with.  His determination to find a way to serve members and his highly likeable personality make him an asset to any financial organization.  Dexter shows great dedication and values business relationships highly.  Dexter is skilled at commercial lending and can see the positives of deals that may appear to be challenging to the untrained eye.  I would not hesitate to add him to my team.”

-Richard Romero, CEO, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union


"I worked directly with Dexter as a third-party underwriter and commercial lending consultant over the past two years. Dexter possesses a good commercial underwriting working knowledge evidenced by the completeness of loan packages and loan underwrite summaries submitted to my company. During my time working with Dexter, his analytical skills enabled him to consistently assess credit risk associated with potential credits. Although he is very sales and client service driven, he also sought to obtain risk mitigating support and developed sensible loan structures and covenants to strengthen his loan portfolio."

-Joe Hyatt, Chief Credit Officer, Development Finance, Training and Consulting, Inc.


"When I purchased my commercial property, the banking and lending institutions were in crisis making it extremely difficult for me to find financing. With the current lending environent, the financing for my commercial property was expensive with short-term and high-interest rate. I discovered the credit union offered commercial real estate financing and met with Dexter De Mesa to discuss refinancing...I refinanced to a great loan with a longer term and lower interest rate, making my investment worthwhile. The service was outstanding--not only do I have a business relationship, but a friendship as well."

-Chief Emile Mack, Los Angeles Fire Department


Letter to the CEO after a time sensitive and high value transaction.

"...Dexter submitted a loan proposal. Simultaneously I was getting other proposals. We had several lenders competing for this loan. An auction type negotiation has always made me uneasy, however in this case all the lenders seemed equal in their ability and capacity. I did not accept Dexter's bid. Being persisitent, he pleaded our case with the (business loan committee) and in the end got us a better proposal than any of the other lenders. Dexter truly went the extra mile for us.

Dexter knew from the outset that it was a time sensitive situation...He assured me our loan would fund within 60 days. This is the first time ever that a banker's prediction has been right on target. We were amazed and pleased!! Everything on this transaction was shepherded through Dexter's hands and it was handled smoothly and promptly.

...This experience is proof that a banker can be both friendly and competent."

-Confidential Client, Developer and Investor


"Dexter is a pleasure to work with and is very knowledgeable and thorough when confronting a situation. These skill sets attribute to his loyal stream of contacts."

-Lynn Seeber, Loan Servicing Manager, Los Angeles Firemen's Credit Union


"I've been working with Mr. De Mesa for the last four years. Mr. De Mesa is a person of high character and is an extremely knowledgeable professional with plenty of experience as reference. His consultative approach has earned him my trust, which is a very difficult task in itself. Since my first meeting with Mr. De Mesa, we've worked together to complete several financing transactions. I've also referred him several of my father's commercial loan transactions which he completed in a smooth and timely manner as I expected. It would be my pleasure to recommend Mr. De Mesa to anyone for their commercial banking needs at any given opportunity."

-Ed Torrez, Real Estate Investor


"My business partners and I first met Dexter De Mesa over 3 years ago to apply fo a loan for our ambulance company. Dexter not only was able to help us with several loan transactions in a painless and seamless manner, but also provided us with insights regarding our company's growth and how it affects our financial management. He's shared his thoughts on the importance of having sufficient infrastructure and adequate working capital as a crucial part of our growth strategy. Dexter De Mesa has not only served us as Business Loan Officer, but also as our "unofficial" business consultant. Dexter De Mesa is our "Go To" guy and provides great value to anyone who seeks his services."

-Jose Garcia, Southern California Ambulance

"Dexter has extensive and well rounded experience and knowledge. His underwriting background as a Commercial Loan Officer along with his experience as a real estate investor makes him uniquely qualified to help others. When I decided to purchase my storage facility, Dexter was instrumental in helping me line up my ducks and gather all resources needed to secure the transaction. In short, I could not have done it alone. Dexter continues to be an important resource for me, and is definitely an asset to the LAFCU."

-Gary Hirdler, Real Estate Investor


"Dexter did what he said he would do period. It was refreshing working with someone in the banking industry with integrity and that won't waste your time unless he knows he can help you."

-James Karas, Secure Self Storage CEO


"Dexter is a high perfoming, self motivated Business Loan Officer. His presentation skills, commercial lending and underwriting knowledge and production results are outstanding. I highly recommend Dexter!"

-Greg Seltzer
VP of Lending, Los Angeles Firemen's Credit Union


"Dexter has always done a great job handling our business and personal accounts with the L.A. Firemen's Credit Union. Most recently, he assisted us in obtaining a new line of credit for a special communications project that is with a very important government client. Thanks for the quick and expert work Dexter!"

-Kevin Nida, KR Nida, Inc. CEO, California State Firefighters Association (CSFA President)


"Linda and I are members of the Los Angeles Firemen's Credit Union and have been extremely happy with our professional relationship with Dexter De Mesa, Business Loan Officer. We met Dexter in May of 2010, during which time he advised us of the required organizational plans and the many investment strategies that were open to us as new business owners.

Dexter is a true gentlemen, who knows his craft well and carefully explained the details of business banking. In fact, he has been a delight to work with and even better to know personally. We waited approximately one week before actually deciding to create business credit lines through the Los Angeles Firemen's Credit Union; and at no time did Dexter ever rush or pressure us in our banking or investment decisions.

As concerned business owners and investors, we felt it was necessary to fully understand what was taking place as we completed our first infant steps in business. Dexter took it upon himself not only to reassure us, but also to personally mentor us through our transactions.

Not long after our first contact, we were excited to learn that the Los Angeles Firemen's Credit Union was to have an investment strategy workshop organized by Dexter. He was one of a team of investment professionals who presented relevant business information.

Our time with the Los Angeles Firemen's Credit Union has been, and continues to be one of our most positive and delightful investment experiences. Linda and I cannot say enough about Dexter, or his colleagues of the Los Angeles Firemen's Credit Union, other than thank you for making our business education and investments so easy to understand and implement."

With the greatest sincerity,
-John and Linda Martinez
LJM Real Estate Investments, LLC




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